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 About Attila Turzo

Attila Turzo - International Chess MasterInternational Chess Master Attila Turzo  plays 1000 chess games simultaneously with chess players from all over the world. The games are played over the internet with a time limit of three days per move.

All ages and strengths of players can participate.  There are millions of chess players around the globe who have never had the opportunity to play against a highly rated player. International Master Attila Turzo would like to give them a chance.

Attila Turzo, who is based in Budapest Hungary, became an International Chess Master in 1997.  Hungarian junior champion and 5 times Hungarian team champion.  He is a well-known online chess teacher. He is the coach of Brian Shicoff, who is the current United States Class C Chess Champion.

Would you like to play with International Master Attila Turzo and be one of the 1000 Bright Minds? You can buy your ticket for 10 dollars if you click on the Buy Now button.



I am available for chess lessons

Would you like to become an excellent chess player?

I am at your service to help you to reach your goals.

I have 16 years experience in  chess teaching.

I think important to have balance of study new ideas and get feedback by analyzing his games which he played online or over the board. I like to give support materials, homeworks to help his studies between the lessons.

I started to teach online 10 years ago in 2001 and I was one of the first online chess coaches.

I give my best to help you to improve your chess, win more games and have fun! Smile

Some milestones of my chess career:

  • started at age 7
  • more then 20 gold medals in scholastic tournaments.
  • International Master at age 18
  • Hungarian Junior Champion at age 19
  • represented Hungary in 2 Junior World Championships and a European Junior Championship
  • Winning the Unna open 2003 tournament in Germany with a perfect 7/7 score and a 2700+ rating performance
  • 1st place in more then 10 international tournaments
  • I was the first commentator on first internet chess radio.
  • I started to coach players when I was 16 years old
  • one of the first chess coaches who started to teach online in 2001.


“Attila is a very good coach I highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve in chess seriously, he has helped me a great deal in getting my chess back to state, I work with him once a week and it realy improves my chess understanding every time. We work on an new opening repertoir with him and I was at first quiet worried with the amount of time it would take and the amount of time i have in a week but after a few lessons with him it realy feels like there is nothing to learning new openings he realy takes time with what he teaches, doesnt just hastely go through lines if i have any questions about anything we would immediatly stop and analyze what ever idea i saw and he would explain it great. I will defenitly continue studying with him as long as I can”

Johann - JohanWassermann - Ventersburg, South Africa 

“Looking for a chess coach?  Want proven results?  Look no further!  Under IM Turzo’s patient tutelage, in less than six months, my rating has gone up from 1514 to 1742 USCF, I have won the 2011 US Class C Championship, and I am already beating 2000+ rated players.

In situations where I already know what openings my opponent is likely to play, Attila has given me a specific opening repetoire to study and prepare in response, and I have won or drawn every match as a result.

I highly recommend IM Attila Turzo.  He’s supportive and friendly, is able to quickly highlight strengths and weaknesses in any position, and list other master games for me to study.  He also documents homework and keeps a log of all games we have analyzed together.  In short, Attila’s coaching has been critical to my success.”

Brian - bshicoff - Austin, Texas, United States 

“I’ve been studying with Attila for a month now, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the lessons.  His chess coaching experience is obvious.  He has helped me to develop an opening repertoire suited for my style, and I am already a more confident player as I am now playing the right openings.  Attila is passionate about chess, and this is something that’s very important for any chess teacher.  I am looking forward to many more lessons with him.”

Calvin - CalvinJoseph_ - Illinois, United States 

“Attila is an excellent coach.  I have been studying with him for several months and I can feel and see the difference. I can only echo the comments of the others.  He is clearly a good communicator and has really helped my self-confidence and attitude towards the game.  Money well spent!”

David - Interalia2127 - Budapest, Hungary 

“Attila has coached me for 8 months. He is an excellent coach and has helped focus my chess analysis and study time. Through his help, I believe that my playing ability has stablized and my confidence is greater for my chess games for both OTB and online chess. He has pointed out various “bad habits” I’ve developed.

In our sessions, we’ve covered building opening repertoires, position analysis, end game play and middle game planning. The sessions are very focused and, as a follow up,  he sends the games that we’ve analyzed (along with the study lines) and a record of what was covered. In addition, he assigned homework to help keep me working toward my objectives.

I consider these sessions very valuable and feel that my playing strength is much stronger. I highly recommend him as a chess coach.”

Julian - jules_raider - Albuquerque, United States 

“I was searching around for a good teacher when I first met Attila. I met him by joining one of his simuls and talking after the game with him. In the game we played I was blown away by his superior endgame technique and after taking lessons with him I still see him as an excellent endgame player. He was very friendly when we first met and I know that he takes good care of his students.

Ever since I started getting lessons from him I have seen a nice improvement in my play and rating. I give credit to him for my goals that I have reached. I was able to score my first over-the-board win against a FIDE master that was previously beating me constantly before Attila taught me. I am extreamly fortunate to have met him during my time of searching around for chess coaches.”

Matt - WonderWats4DinR - United States 

“A few years ago, I took classes with Attila.  He really helped improve my gameplay.  Even though I no longer play chess, I treasure the classes that I had with him.”

Alex - AZSmart - United States 


You can find me on Facebook: Attila Turzo | You can follow me on twitter: @AttilaTurzo